Autism Fayre 2020

- 1st July 2020


The Autism Fayre is hosted every year in South Yorkshire by Autism Union and Sparkle Sheffield. Unfortunately due to Covid 19, they where unable to stage the fair at a physical location as a result of social distancing. Autism Union decided to that they would not abandon the Fayre completely, but rather they wanted to host the event via the Internet.

Nocturnal Lab was approached to build a site that could accommodate webinars and connect the audiences to speakers from all over. The unique event that was the first in the history of the Autism Fayre and we obliged and went the extra mile to ensure that people did not miss out on their annual event due to the virus. Autistic people handle certain situation differently and Covid 19 was a tough time for all especially with the enforced lockdown, this event gave them something to look forward too.




The website was built from the ground up and a separate build for mobile responsiveness. The website has a clean professional aesthetic with a contemporary feel with a lot of negative spacing. Key features include a tickets sales page that was highlighted with unusual round button throughout the website, connectivity page with links to embedded webinar on site and individual profiles for the guest speakers. The event had a bonus day day for kids and we were asked to add this to the website. We created a custom theme for the kids section and changed the colour and font profile to give it a unique feel for the kids yet easily being identifiable as part of the same event.

A sizeable project with over 20 pages, we managed to complete the entire website within 2 weeks in order to get it live for ticket sales, we even implemented a countdown marker for the event to go live. A fully pledged website including pages on the history of the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre to frequently asked questions, also added a live Covid 19 statistic update popup.

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  • VALUES - Charitable - Responsible - Educational