Domain Redemption Grace Period

Domain Redemption Grace Period

What happens if you fail to renew your domain name before it’s expiration date? Here we will look at exactly what happens to the domain name once it eventually expires and what can be done to retrieve the domain name and prevent it from happening in the first instance.

1. I Have Not Renewed My Domain Name, What Will Happen?

Once the domain name passes it expiration date, it will enter a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for 30 days. Your domain registrar must allow you to redeem or restore the domain name before the Redemption Grace Period has expired. If you have tried to restore the domain name during the RGP period and have failed to so and recover the domain, the registrar may be in breach of the Expired Registration Recovery Policy.

If you were unsuccessful in redeeming and restoring your domain name during the RGP, you may submit a complaint with ICANN; submit a Domain Renewal Complaint Form

After the initial 30 day Redemption Grace Period for the domain name, it enters a 35 day hold period, which means in the following 35 days it is still not available to the public, but once a total of 65 days has passed, 30 RGP and 35 day Hold period, it will then become available to the public. The domain name can be recovered during the hold period, but it will set you back $150 USD.

2. How To Prevent My Domain Name From Entering Domain Redemption Grace Period

1. Mark your Calendar

As simple as it sounds, the old fashioned way is sometimes the best way. With the digital age it is even more convenient as you set email reminders and set an alarm on your smartphone. If you are not sure when your domain name expiration date is, contact your registrar get to be certain.

2. Turn on Auto-Renew

Most domain name providers have an auto-renew feature that is available, some even turn on auto-renew as standard. Having this feature enabled will ensure that you do not fall into the Domain Redemption Period, just be sure that your payment methods are up to date.

3. Look Out For Renewal Reminders

Domain name registrars are required to follow ICANN policy of sending 2 renewals, approximately 1 month and 1 week prior domain expiration date. These will usually come via email, but in some cases may even come int he post. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date to avoid the risk of potentially losing your domain name.