Types of Logos

A logo is used to identify or symbolise your business or organisation. But there are many types of logos. Here will explore 7 different types of logos and how they can be used to develop your brand identity.

The Queen bears a Crest, a Universities adorn an Emblem, Charities may use a Mascot and some of the biggest brands in the world are recognised by a Lettermark or Wordmark. A logo is a visible representation of you or your business, often overlooked as just a logo, it communicates a message, feeling or standard and bears a big significance to the subconscious mind.

1. Wordmark (Logotypes)

A wordmark or logotype is a font based logo that evolves around the name of the business or organisation. Some of the biggest brand in the world such Coca Cola and Google use a wordmark for their logo, they easily recognisable and cab be found all over the world.

Typography plays and important part in these logo types, specific font and weights need to be considered when choosing this type for your logo. Designer labels may opt for an elegant and clean font as where legal firms on the other hand, may chose strong bold fonts.

2. Monogram Logos (Lettermarks)

Monogram or lettermark logos are logos that may just consist of the initials of a business or organisation. Companies such as 3M, IBM, BBC, HBO all use their initials rather than using a fully pledged name like wordmarks or logotypes.

Just like wordmarks, typography, font and weight are significant when using this type of logo. These logo types serve extremely well with companies that have long names or more than 3 words in a name.

3. Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are created with a character illustration of some sort. They will end being a recognisable ambassador for the brand and often do not need any text or name to be associated with the brand. Brands such Michelin, KFC, Pringles and even WWF all have an illustrated character or symbol to represent them and has become synonymous with their brand.

It’s important to understand the mood and tone you want the mascot to represent. Most of the time they will be colourful and fun, but just like WWF, it more of a serious, sad animal yet loveable at the same time, on the other hand, KFC’s Mr Colonel is based on the man himself, the man that invented the recipe and symbolises quality, experience and knowledge.

4. Abstract Logos

An abstract logo is a particular type of pictorial logo, but rather than being a recognisable image or object such as Apples bitten apple or Twitters bird, it has an abstract geometric form to identify your business or logo. Logos such as Mastercard that use two circles overlapping one another or BP’s geometric flower are unique to their brands and identifiable at a glance with no name.

An abstract logo or mark can help identify the organisations symbolically. it can help give the business culture and values with the use of colour and shape. Emotion and direction can be portrayed with such type of logos such as Nike their swoosh logo can be symbolised as fast, movement and the right choice.

5. Pictorial Mark or Logo Symbol

A pictorial mark, or brand mark or logo symbol is essentially an icon that act as your logo or graphic based logo. Brands such as Twitter with their iconic bird or Apple with their apple are iconic symbols and alone can help you identify its heritage.

These types of logos are not very effective for new businesses but that does not mean it is not possible. TikTok only recently coming on to the scene, was launched on September 2016 but yet has managed to create an iconic logo symbol that is recognisable.

6. Combination Mark

A combination mark consists of a lettermark or wordmark combined with an abstract mark, pictorial mark, or mascot. The text and picture can be laid out on top of one another, side by side or integrated together to create a whole image logo. Some of the most famous combination logos Burger King, Puma, Jaguar and even brnads such as Lacoste and Taco Bell.

This type of logo has huge benefits in giving an identity. As the name is associated with the images, it becomes easily identifiable as both, text and mascot, or icon work together to strengthen the brand. Combination marks allow people to associate the name with the pictorial mark or mascot, this is a huge advantage in the long run as you will be able to use the image without the text and people will still be able to associate the image with the brand. These types of logos are great for trademarks as they tend to be more unique than other logos out there.

7. Emblem

This type of logo is basically a font inside a symbol or icon, ie. crest, badges or seals. Emblems have been used as symbols and logos from back in the medieval era, and are still used today by many public sector organisations such as schools and governments. Some of the most famous and most iconic brands, brandish an emblem as their logo, such Manchester United who the biggest brand in the world of football, car manufacturers such as Porsche use an emblem and the most prestigious universities in the world such as University of Oxford use an emblem.

These types of logos, however, do have their drawbacks. As they can be intricate, they do not lend well to some printed materials when shrinking, ie on a business card or letter head. They can also cause an issue when it comes to embroidering it on t-shirts or caps. It is best to keep the design simple if printing media is to be integral to the business. These types of logos are timeless, always a good choice and give the brand a sense of authority and heritage.

Which Logo to Pick?

The answer to this question is entirely a matter of preference and requirement. If you are worried about trademarking the logo, then a Combined Mark is probably the route to take, or if you are something that gives a brand a sense of authority and reliability, the an emblem is probably the best choice. Hopefully, this guide will help in choosing the right logo type for you brand.

Check out the video below for more on different types of logos.